Colville Academy offering bespoke training and design workshops for teams, and Chief Experience Office (CXO) as a service for leaders. Helping teams and leaders think again, but differently to find better, customer-centred ways to thrive in a digital world.

Academy feedback...

“I really enjoyed this Academy and learned so much. Eager to get going now…”

“Alan gives tremendous insight into the complexities and subtleties of understand and adapting to your customer’s needs”

“Alan teaches how to grow empathy, discover new opportunities and ultimately change your organisation to meet custom needs”

“I was completely buzzing after this Academy”

About me

Helping people find better ways to thrive in a digital world.
  • 20+ years as a trusted mentor and design leadership to leaders in the world’s highest performing FTSE500 companies, as well as government, public sector and not-for-profits.
  • Helping improve knowledge in digital, user experience (UX) and design leadership.
  • All grounded in an MSc in Human Computer Interactions (HCI) and a Degree in Design.
  • Previous clients of the Colville Academy include Cambridge University Press, Rentokil Initial and Arm.